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1410 Guerneville Road, Suite 14
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 575-0979

Meet The Staff

The staff at CSN is creating a compassionate, healthy, and safe Sonoma County community by empowering people at risk as they gain dignity, achieve stability and realize their highest potential every day. We do this through an agency culture that values compassion and accountability first.

Tom Bieri

MFT, Executive Director
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Leadership Team

Rita Larson

Director of Social Rehabilitation
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Brenda Russell

 Finance Director
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Abigail Levine

Human Resources and Safety Manager
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Dr. Carrie Lara

PsyD, Clinical Director, Head of Behavioral Health Services
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Allen Wales

Community Development Coordinator
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Meghan Murphy

MSW, Youth Housing Director
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Peggy Land

Financial Assistant
Emai Peggy

Thai Gallo

Administrator & Program Director, Brown Street & E Street
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Sharon Shields

Program Manager, Bridges Program
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Pamela Law

Program Coordinator, Stony Point Commons and Grand Ave
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Debbie McCulloch

Program Director, A Step Up
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Hal Bahr

Program Manager, E Street House
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Tom Bieri, MFT - Executive Director

As Executive Director of Community Support Network for more than five years, Tom has leveraged his leadership experience including clinical work and senior management expertise, to position CSN as Sonoma County’s leader in supportive housing. As a community leader, he is exceptionally skilled at building model programs and sharing them with other community agencies serving similar populations. Tom serves on the Sonoma Continuum of Care of Homelessness Board of Directors and is the Co-chair of the Homeless Youth Task Force and the Best Practices and Integrated Health Committees. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Tom’s experience with the client population, as well as his leadership skills make him a strong asset for CSN and the community. Tom participated in a year-long Leadership Development Program for Executives Serving Transitional Age Youth, put on by Compass Point in 2009.

Rita Larson - Director of Social Rehabilitation

Rita’s career has spanned nearly 30 years of working with mentally ill populations, including adults, children and teens. Now approaching 20 years with CSN, Rita began her tenure as overnight staff at a residence before becoming a Residential Counselor, Program Manager and finally, Director of Social Rehabilitation. She is certified by Department of Health Services and California State Community Care Licensing.

Dr. Carrie Lara, PsyD – Clinical Director, Head of Behavioral Health Services

Carrie is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in child and family work and trauma. Her experience includes work with the chronic mentally ill, crisis evaluations and interventions. She is the author of two children’s books focused on the cultural identify development.

Allen Wales – Community Development Coordinator

Allen’s background includes education (teaching in HS and college), administration, and sales and marketing. He has a BA, MAT, and a year of Economics graduate work. He has lived in Santa Rosa for 33 years and both of his daughters graduated from Montgomery High School. Tennis, golf, and the occasional low stakes poker game are part of his favorite past times.

Meghan Murphy, MSW – Youth Housing Director

From her Masters in Social Work to her Peace Corps in Africa and her position as Program Director for Face to Face where she received Sonoma County’s Distinguished Service award, Meghan has consistently managed to find the right mix of talent, effort, planning and execution.

Thai Gallo – Administrator and Program Director, Brown Street and E Street

Thai supervises social rehabilitation and residential programs at two CSN homes. Thai’s work and education experience includes Child Development training at Santa Rosa Junior College and more than ten years of experience working with clients in the mental health profession. At CSN, Thai facilitates client groups, monitors medication, and assists clients in improving their life skills.

Sharon Shields – Program Manager, Bridges Program

Sharon manages the Bridges transitional residential housing program for Community Support Network. After more than a decade working with children and adults with developmental and mental health challenges, Sharon started at CSN as a residential counselor and worked her way up to the current manager position. She attended Santa Rosa Junior College to enhance her work experience and assist clients in their skill building, including Drug and Alcohol counseling, First Aid/CPR, and 4 C’s certifications.