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1410 Guerneville Road, Suite 14
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 575-0979

Our Impact

CSN’s agency-wide outcomes are a product of our staff commitment and the hard work of residents who make personal strides in our programs every day. From group meetings, to individual weekly goal setting and long term progress, CSN supports our clients, equipping them to reach their highest potential.

When an agency devotes its time and resources to support the people in its care, that devotion shows in outcomes that everyone can be proud of.

Permanent Supportive Outcomes

Across CSN's permanent properties in 2023:

  • 94% of our participants remained housed.
  • 91% increased their income, education and/or employment.
  • 100% used and increased their positive coping skills.
  • 97% engaged in proactive healthcare

Community Outcomes

An individual stepping down to a lower level of care makes sense for everyone, the individual and the entire community. At CSN, a lower level of care means greater independence and greater dignity too. It also means that our Sonoma County community saves millions of dollars every year because of CSN’s commitment to high-quality, low-cost supportive housing.

CSN undergoes an extensive reporting and auditing process to assure financial transparency and accountability. Our 2015 audit included the following quote in a letter from the auditors, “Without any reservation, the auditor feels the organization appropriately followed all accounting rules and that the financial reports are an accurate representation of the organization’s financial condition.”

When you donate to CSN, you are investing in individual lives and in the community we build together every day.